I’m Amine, I live in Morocco, where I craft cogs for the future.

Hi there! I'm a bit of a sea adventurer and tech enthusiast. My journey began in college, diving into the world of mathematics. Soon after, I set sail into maritime studies, graduating as a Marine Engineering Officer. I've worked with different size of ships, big and small, and port as well. Alongside my day job, Alongside my regular duties, I've been an advocate for digitization, not just proposing ideas but actively developing solutions to improve the efficiency of the maritime industry.

When I'm not navigating the seas, I'm exploring the universe through podcasts and articles about space. My week isn't complete without a good workout session - sometimes once, sometimes five times, my workout frequency varies based on my schedule's demands. I also find peace and insight in reading the Quran and books on business.

The past few years have been an exciting tech adventure for me. I've been juggling jobs and building digital products - some took off, some didn't. I've learned a lot from these experiences, and I'm grateful for the opportunities that have come my way.

Today, I’m the founder of Sailorify, I've partnered up with Mohamed, a fellow tech enthusiast and co-founder, to embark on a mission dedicated to delivering top-notch technology and services to the maritime industry. Our collaboration at Sailorify is fueled by a shared passion for innovation and a commitment to enhancing the maritime world with cutting-edge solutions. Alongside this venture, I'm also coding away at Tratta with a fantastic global team, where our collective efforts are focused on creating impactful technology that resonates with our customers and sets new standards in the industry.